9 Graphic Design Toronto City In Trends Of 2020 !

A little sweetness in this bold world for Graphic Design

Already the 5th edition of our annual dossier on graphic trends! We again gave the floor to a pool of experts from branding, digital or 360 communication to identify the main graphic design toronto trends of the coming year.

After the responsible shift that started in 2019, the CSR challenges still infuse advertising creation and come to restore a little sweetness in a graphic design toronto world hitherto rough, even downright “brutalist”. The design is always more proud, in three dimensions, with custom typographies, while advocating a return to authenticity and naturalness. Or even the real …

Here are the 10 graphic trends that could well prevail in 2020.

graphic design toronto

1. The return to sweetness

Soft. Following a year 2019 where baroque, even brutalist designs were illustrated, in saturated colors (or not), softness is essential.

“ Through website redesigns, we are starting to see emerging“ less spectacular ”things, a little softer, less flashy, more rounded, with softer colors and typographies too” , observes Florent Guerlain , creative director and co-founder of the Datagif agency. A “ striking ” example for him: the recent Quartz redesign . The slightly unstructured layout of the home and the large images have given way to a version “ much tidier, not spectacular. Or spectacular by its tidy, soft side, precisely: the angles of the photos are rounded, the illustration of home changes regularly and brings softness. 

2. A reassuring color of the year

Before the log and the party favors, each end of the year announces the arrival of THE Pantone color which will be trendy the following year. For 2020, the mood boards should be overflowing with “Classic Blue” . After Greenery  in 2017, Ultra Violet last year and “Living Coral” in 2019, declined shortly after in three colors by Pantone, it is this deep blue, “classic”, which should prevail. Why this blue? “ It is reassuring, full of calm and confidence, it creates connection” , explained graphic design toronto , vice-president of the Pantone Colors Institute, to Time. when it was revealed. Echoing trends, the color of the Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is ”  timeless, durable, and elegant in its simplicity,” says Pantone on Instagram. ”  We live in an era that requires trust and loyalty ,” said graphic design toronto , Pantone’s executive director on the brand’s website . It is this consistency and this credit that express themselves in this solid and reliable blue tint on which we can rest . “

3. 3D, for the 3rd year in a row

The 3D trend is always present as technology reinvents itself, becomes more precise and becomes mobile. We saw it this year during Adobe Max , technology is embarking, democratizing (with Aero in particular) and texturing (with Substance this time) for always more real and sensations.

“ 3D brings this slightly liquid side, and in 2020 the trend will be more fluid shapes and lines, rather than flat, square, too clean or geometric. The colors will also be reworked, with colors that are always lively and tangy, but above all desaturated in order to create more natural shades. Like the Classic Blue from Pantone 2020. ”

4. Bold and proprietary typographies

Already present in 2018, and 2019, typography continues to express itself in new forms. “ Last year, Lafayette Anticipations revolutionized everything , says graphic design toronto of FutureBrand. Even if they were not the first, this case left a lasting impression. “In 2020, the role of typography will be even more important, she predicts, because it is no longer just a tool, but” a means of speaking. With the challenges around CSR, brands can no longer be satisfied with being pretty, they must have a discourse, a cause, a bias and personality with a tone of voice. And for that, words remain the most effective ”, she believes. Brands will thus play with typography, making visual identities alive, flexible and variable. “ There will be more and more daring in typographical biases. 

graphic design toronto

5. The transfer of power between advertising and branding

For 2020, graphic design toronto , creative director of the Landor agency, is betting on a fundamental trend: the powers in the advertising trades are changing sides. He explains that over the past 50 years, these powers have been mainly given to advertising agencies. Now, we find them more and more in branding agencies. “ There is a total reversal , he believes, in particular because there is less money allocated to campaigns. ”If there is indeed a loss of visibility, we are witnessing at the same time a“ explosion of other contact points managed by branding agencies, which have the opportunity to create new stories. This transfer of power comes with a transfer of responsibilities and therefore a transfer of profession: communication and attribution. 

6. Graphic design is dead, long live living design

Beyond the transfer of powers between advertising and branding, graphic design toronto observes an aesthetic trend, like ” a snub “, à la David Carlson with ” print is dead “. Landor version that gives: graphic design is dead, Long live living design! : ” It is a basic design trend as it becomes less and less graphic design toronto in its definition of visual product “, explains the DC of Landor.

7. CSR, still, always, stronger

Present last year under the “responsible design” pavilion, the inevitable trend in 2020 remains CSR, and its eco-responsible approach for graphic design toronto . If the subject is already on the table with the brands, “ next year will be pivotal ” according to the creative of FutureBrand, “ it will no longer be a question of pretending to be more natural and eco-friendly, but of putting in place concrete things: limit the number of colors, choose the right materials and use less plastics ” . Like Carlsberg with its sourced and recyclable organic paper bottle , “ a real revolution ”.

8. Polymorphic marks

For graphic design toronto , on the brand side, the “movement” is influenced by digital: in the continuity of 2019, “ the user experience is at the heart of digital, it is becoming increasingly rich on applications or sites and no longer allows static and monolithic renderings, whether on print or even in identity. It is the end of monolithic marks and the beginning of polymorphic marks , ”she says. She thus evokes the redesign of BBC Two, “ the structure is simple, but the English channel plays with lots of different materials and visuals. It is the visual language that makes the whole personality of the identity, while the logo is very much behind. It already existed, but it is exploding ” .

graphic design toronto

9. Back to basics

This trend could be described as responsible as it calls to optimize the existing. “ I observe a trend taking shape: a return to the roots among brands. Like Reebok’s rebranding which went for an old logo dating from 1992 . ”A healthy dust seems it:“ The last logo dated did not say much, the rendering was very dry. The brand has made the choice of a return to the origins, it is not nothing in a world in search of meaning and history. ”The former new logo now benefits from a typography“ very characteristic, with a lot more personality: it’s sporty and retro 90’s modern. It’s nobody’s typography. 

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